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Practice Check UpDon’t Neglect the Health of Your Radiology Business – Get a FREE Radiology Strategy & Marketing Check-Up for Your Practice!

Has your practice been a little sluggish lately? Not sure it has the marketing health it needs to keep patients on your calendar (and new patients contacting you)?

Let us conduct a complimentary check-up on your practice’s marketing and relationship management strategies.

We’ll take a look at all of the vital signs of your marketing approach, including:

  • Your website – patients want to get to know you before they visit, and your website gives them the information they need to make a confident decision.
  • Your SEO and PPC marketing strategies, which strengthen your ability to reach new prospective clients.
  • Your social presence online, which is critical to maintaining the health of your client relationships, and to getting the referrals you need to keep your client base strong and your advertising costs down.
  • Your branding and offline marketing, which help clients remember you first when they need a healthcare facility.
  • Your Offline marketing efforts, which are essential to building relationships with referring physicians.

We’ll also look at how well you’re keeping your finger on the pulse of your patients’ opinions of you and your practice – these opinions are indicators of how loyal your patients will be in the future, and how likely they’ll be to refer their friends, family, and coworkers to you. Your patients’ opinions can also affect whether prospective clients decide to schedule with you… because almost 90% of new patients read online reviews before deciding on a healthcare professional or facility.

You wouldn’t use outdated methods and instruments to treat your patients, but if you’re using outdated methods to manage appointments, reminders, and follow-ups, you could be doing just as much damage to your practice’s health!

We’ll use all of these vital signs to create a score card for your practice. And we’ll show you exactly what steps you can take in your practice to restore it to vibrant health.

What does a Radiology Strategy & Marketing Check-Up mean for you? 

  • You’ll discover ways you can nurture happier, more loyal patients and referring doctors who keep their appointments and bring you new business through referrals.
  • You’ll understand how to create a positive, attractive reputation – the lifeblood of your practice – without spending all of your time and money on marketing.
  • You’ll create an environment where you can focus your efforts on doing what you love – taking care of patients – instead of struggling to keep your practice’s vital signs out of the danger zone.

At Vital Signs, we’re committed to helping you build the healthiest, most vibrant practice possible. Since 2007, we’ve been helping radiology centers and other healthcare facilities discover the conditions that are threatening their longevity… and prescribing the best business treatments to help them become stronger than ever.

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