Over the last ten years, at Ultrasound Dimensions, the medical center I helped co-found, we’ve been using Google Adwords to get in front of patients that need our help and who are searching for the healthcare services we have to offer.

It’s worked really well for us but we’ve made some big mistakes over the years, and this one caused us to burn over $10,000 on a single keyword in Adwords that didn’t bring us even one new client.

So how did this happen?

Well, it was a simple mistake which was caused by us just not using conversion tracking for our marketing.

Yep, that is it… we just weren’t tracking our conversions.

If you don’t know what conversion tracking is, it’s a simple piece of code you put on your website that shows you what happens after a client has clicked or saw your ad. It tells you which ads and keywords lead to someone calling your practice, signing up for your newsletter, emailing for an appointment, etc

Basically, it tells you exactly what is working and what isn’t.

Without it, you are marketing in the dark.

It’s a powerful little tool and once I started tracking what keywords, ads, and marketing channels were converting into new clients… it was a game changer, and I was able to cut out a ton of wasted marketing spend and our ROI went way up.

So don’t spend another dollar marketing your practice until you are tracking conversions.

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