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You Work Too Hard to Have Your Marketing Fail…

You’ve put in countless hours starting and building your practice.

You invest a tremendous amount of time and energy into making sure that every single patient receives the very best care possible.

And you know that if you had a marketing system that actually worked, you’d be able to help many more patients (and, of course, bring in the revenues you and your practice deserve).

But… if you’re like many health professionals, you probably
experience at least a few of these frustrations every day:
  • You have too many empty spots in your schedule, and you wish you could find an effective way to fill them.
  • Measuring and tracking marketing results is confusing. so you don’t really know if what you’re doing is actually working.
  • It would be a relief to hire support staff, such as admins or nurses… but you’re not confident you have the patient volume to handle that kind of expense.
  • Prospective patients have trouble finding you online… so they choose one of your competitors instead.
  • There are no reviews of your practice online, so you have difficulty building trust with people who could truly benefit from your expertise.
  • You know that your website is outdated and ineffective… but you need to spend your time on helping patients, not on keeping up with the latest tech.
If any (or all) of these sound familiar, it’s completely understandable. You shouldn’t
be expected to spend your time on marketing tasks while you’re managing your practice.
In fact, trying to juggle both is a great way to burn yourself out!

There’s an Easier Way to Get Effective,
Done-for-You Practice Growth.

My name is Kyle Bolton. I’ve dealt with the same
frustrations you’re experiencing now in my own
healthcare businesses, Ultrasound Dimensions Medical
and Maternity Ultrasound Centre. So I understand what
it’s like to feel burdened with marketing tasks while
trying to care for patients.

That’s what led me to develop a better system
specifically for busy doctors, dentists, and other
healthcare professionals. I wanted to create a
done-for-you platform that relieves you of your
advertising and marketing burdens, so that you can
focus on providing exceptional care – while filling
your schedule and increasing revenue flow.

The result?

A Complete, Hands-Off Marketing System that Brings New Patients to Your Clinic

PracticeCloud is like having your own team of seasoned marketing professionals but without the tremendous expense.

With this all-in-one platform, you get simple, effective marketing to grow your practice. No more late nights trying to set up a website or sweating over Google or Facebook ads. No more unproductive hours at the office waiting for your next patient to show up. No more sleepless nights wondering why your competitors are thriving… while you’re just trying to “keep the ship afloat.”

Here’s What Makes Practice Cloud the
Ideal Choice for Your Practice

Proven Healthcare Marketing

Every strategy we use to attract,
retain,and engage with new patients
and referrals have been thoroughly
tested across all healthcare niches.
We know what works in healthcare
marketing, because it’s all we do!


No need to wear multiple “hats” anymore.
Our hands-off platform takes care of
every element of marketing your practice,

And that means you can get back to what
you love to do – helping your patients.

Secure & Trusted

At PracticeCloud, we take privacy
and security seriously.

That’s why we ensure that every
element of our platform is
HIPPA-compliant and uses the latest
SSL online security software.

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I am too busy with patients and the day to day of running my practice that my marketing was always an after thought and never consistent. Practice Cloud automated all this for me and makes it easy for me to gain new patients without having to learn a bunch of different systems. Highly recommended

Monica Healy

Ultrasound Dimensions

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